50 Acts of Self Love


1. Pray or Meditate

2. Get a massage

3. Take a stroll outside

4. Give gratitude

5. Make new goals

6. Spend time at the beach

7. Meal Prep for the week

8. Watch a funny movie

9. Read a good book

10. Get a mani/pedi

11. Tell someone you appreciate them

12. Exercise

13. Get a haircut or a new ‘do

14. Make your bed first thing in the morning

15. Write in a journal

16. Interact with a pet

17. Take a nap/Recharge with sleep

18. Get a Facial

19. Book a trip

20. Treat yourself to a new outfit or pair of shoes without overspending or putting yourself in debt

21. Learn a new hobby

22. Play music you love

23. Soak in a Bath

24. Clear the clutter

25. Call a Friend or Loved one and say hello

26. Make a donation to a nonprofit of your choice

27. Identify or Remind yourself of your Strengths

28. Go on a Hike

29. Go on a Road Trip

30. Get Organized/ Organize one thing at a time

31. Read something inspirational

32. Do Nothing for a block of time and appreciate the Silence

33. Get a car wash

34. Clean your makeup brushes

35. Do Home cleaning chores

37. Get dolled up/Dress up in something you feel good in whether u have plans or not

38. Stretch or do Yoga

39. Minimize/Donate stuff you no longer wear or use

40. Spend time with Love ones & people who bring out the best in you

41. Do a Home Face Mask

42. Do a Home Hair Mask

43. Finish something you’ve been putting off

44. Find a mentor/coach

45. Take a photo to document something beautiful

46. Refill/organize supplements or meds for the week

47. Do something you’ve always wanted to do

48. Plan out your upcoming week using a calendar/planner

49. Tell someone you love them & mean it

50. Tell yourself you love you & mean it

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