Refreshed at 35

Sharing some birthday wisdom that never fails the test of time and a reminder for myself of what to bring into my next 35 year journey:

1. ✨Remain humble✨Always remember where you came from and how you started. Money and success will only amplify what is already there, good or bad.

2. ✨Be kind to others and avoid judgement✨ We never know what battle that person is struggling with.

3. ✨Always forgive and move on✨Easier said than done but the longer we hold onto the bitterness, it hurts US the most. Don’t get bitter, get better.

4. ✨Always count your blessings and give thanks to those who blessed you✨And When the roles are reversed, avoid keeping tabs of the times you blessed others. If you’re going to give, then give freely with an open heart. Expectation just leads to disappointment.

5. ✨Avoid Gossip✨ We easily get involved because we may be entertaining a conversation. Just know that those who gossip to you may gossip about you.

6. ✨Keep growing and never stop learning✨We’re always evolving and there’s always room for improvement. Nobody is perfect and mistakes are always bound to happen. Keep moving forward.

7. ✨Be positive 💯✨

8. ✨Stop caring what others think of you✨ Follow this and you will achieve an amazing level of freedom

9. ✨Love & Be kind to yourself✨ Don’t forget to make yourself a priority and give yourself the love and care it deserves. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.

10. ✨Stop comparing yourself to others✨ Having Comparisitis, or constantly comparing ourselves to others, robs the joy and happiness we could be experiencing in the present moment. Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.

11. ✨Learn to fall in love with Failure✨ We will never know success without knowing failure. And we will never know failure without trying.

12. ✨Cherish the Important people in your life✨Hold onto those who are always there for you, never judge or criticize you, truly happy when you’re happy or sad when you’re sad and loves you for who you are. You are blessed if you have at least one you can call Framily❤️

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One thought on “Refreshed at 35

  1. Happy Birthday Fall!

    I enjoy reading these 12 birthday wisdom and I couldn’t agree with you more on living a more happy, healthy life! Don’t you just hate that ‘comparisitis’ – that word totally made me giggle! So glad to see you blogging again and looking forward to more inspirational and heartfelt reads!

    Love ya,

    Liked by 1 person

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