I said “Self-LOOOOOVE.”

I know, at first glance, it sounds a bit selfish and narcissistic lol.

But what are we really referring to? Self-love may mean different things to different people.

But here on Hello Self Love Sundays, what Self-Love means is Healing the self from within in all areas on a spiritual level, emotional & mental level, physical level, and on a relationship level with others.

I read somewhere that Self love is the greatest medicine. I totally vouch for that because it played a big part in healing me with all the struggles I’ve dealt with or which I still deal with today.

I also read somewhere that “Being healthy is not just what we eat or put into our bodies, but it’s what we’re thinking and saying.”

To me, it’s everything from feeling beautiful & confident, worthy, accomplished, capable, useful, and fulfilled. Self-Love is starting with being able to love ourselves enough by our actions through self-care, staying inspired to carry out that example, and then spreading that love onto others.

It’s about filling our cup so that our cup can overflow onto others around us. It’s about taking that control back, making ourselves a priority again, and returning to feeling our best, giving our best, and living our best.

Therefore, Self-Love isn’t selfish. It’s Giving back. Without Self-Love, our cup will remain empty while relying on others to fill up our cup.

Self-Love is about what we’re thinking, feeling, saying, doing, eating, who were associating with, what is surrounding us, and how we’re growing.

I believe we all have that inner spark, we just have to be brave enough to light it.

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