Costa Rica 2018

Sometimes it’s okay to be spontaneous, pack your bags, and go somewhere beautiful. OMG, Yaaasss. Sometimes we just need that boost of guilt-free, Self-Love kinda vacation because you know you deserve it.

Side note: You don’t have to take a trip to refill your Love tank. You can do pretty much anything that you’re passionate about and doesn’t have to require a lot of time nor require a passport. Personally, traveling for me just does all kinds of wonders for me spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically! 😉

Well…Costa Rica was exactly what I needed to recharge my soul, get inspired, and check this place off my bucket list.

So my god sister, also one of my best friends, had a last minute trip to handle business in Costa Rica and had mentioned it to me. She shared the invitation with me since she sure could use some company to play and explore, after she finishes business and work related meetings.

Now if you know me, I’m usually the type to plan events way in advance, especially if it involves a vacation away from home lol. In this case, I booked my flight just 2 days prior to departure when I decided to go.

And before I made the decision to go, I thought about how I was saving all of my next travel plans for 2019. Unfortunately, the year of 2018 didn’t quite start out as I wanted or imagined as I tackled some heavy roadblocks and forks in the road. I had to deal with personal struggles and just get back into the motion of loving myself again hence why I created this blog platform.

Anyways, I pulled the trigger and said F*ck it, I’m there! Thankfully, the circumstances allowed me to go so I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. Plus I knew I was in GREAT company!

I love my godsis and it was the perfect time and place to makeup for any lost time I had with her. She is one of the most generous, humble, genuine, hard working hustlers I know and I admire her so so much. We’ve been pillow talk buddies since the early age of 10, and today still remain ourselves and can be as goofy as ever.

She inspires me to be better. She treats CEOs and executives the same way she treats the janitor. She is a true Boss Babe for reals. I still learn a lot from her and learn a lot about myself when we fight too lol. But my favorite part is that she forgives me without judgement and Vice versa. She’s taught me to be extra protective of the people we love and care about and I couldn’t value that more.

And to be honest, I’m actually bragging about her because I’m so proud of her. I know all her hard work is paying off. She knows how to set the bar. She is goals and me and her have a massive list of things we both want to accomplish together, including traveling the world together. It’s rare to find someone you can be yourself around with and not be judged, if you know what I mean. Costa Rica was just a preview of what’s to come, and it was perfect!

And now that I’m back, I can surely say it was worth every penny investing into this trip, knowing that we both will come back recharged, re-inspired, and that our Self-Love tank would be full AF. Win-win.

Just wanted to share some of my favorite shots from the trip while we left the city and marinated beachside in the town of Limon, Puerto Viejo. You can also watch the full Costa Rica VLOG here. (Our 6 days condensed into 13 minutes)

But before that, here’s one fun fact I can’t resist not sharing.


This didn’t hit me until we actually checked out of our hotel at the Le Chameleon Boutique Resort located on the upper east side of Costa Rica aka the Caribbean side. Our hotel was actually located right next to a Jaguar Rescue Center. Several people pointed out to me that because our hotel was literally almost in the middle of a jungle, we could have easily been prey to a hungry Jaguar wtf?!

In fact, we were surrounded by Sloths which are known to make loud noises, wave their hands and shake the trees if they were to spot a Jaguar in the distance. In a nutshell, the Sloths were there to warn and protect us of any danger.

Besides that, it was a beautiful experience to be in a jungle setting and surrounded with the magnified sounds of frogs, insects, birds, etc. The first night at that resort, we were so afraid walking back to our room from the restaurant/bar because it literally felt like we were almost stranded in a scene from JUMANJI or Jurassic Park lol. Priceless.

Well we luckily made it out alive and we were not dinner to any wildlife thank god. But If I knew this prior to booking, I would have probably come more prepared with proper protection and not just show up with my phone, SPF and sunglasses at the bar.

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