5 “Self Love” Stocking Stuffers you have to Share this Holiday

It’s almost that time of year and what better way would it be than to give your loved ones the gift of “Self Love”? Sharing is Caring and it would be selfish to not share them!

Here are the top 5 products I’m obsessed with and that I think everyone should own this Christmas. I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t use them for myself and I only advocate what I believe in based on my own research and experience. The long term benefits are all worth it.

Where to find? You can find them all on Amazon.


-Naturally Anti Aging


-Silk contains natural protein and essential amino acids making it a natural skin friendly material

-Silk helps the skin retain moisture while cotton is absorbent which holds onto oil & dirt leading to clogged pores from repeated sleeps

-Silk Pillow cases prevent sleep lines on Face caused by friction from pressing our face against Cotton Pillow Cases

-Soft, gentle and therapeutic for face, skin and Hair

You can select from a variety of colors here


-Ancient Ayurvedic Technique used to scrape off all the bacteria that accumulates on the tongue after meals and during sleep

-Prevents bacterium and undigested food particles found on coating of tongue to be recirculated in mouth and ingested

-Prevents bad breathe (halitosis) by removing coating on tongue

-Cleans taste buds to enhance taste palette

-Promotes long term overall oral and digestive physical health

-Does not compare to brushing our tongue with just a toothbrush

Click here for the brand I use

3. HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP— a Mini Plug in Night Light version! ($20-30)

-Purifies the air and reduces airborne infections

-Himalayan Salt lamps help neutralize and reduce electromagnetic radiation

-Natural Mood Booster

-Eases Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

-Promotes restful sleep

You can purchase a pair of these here

4. FACE JADE ROLLER ($12-24)

-Naturally Anti Aging

-Improves Blood Circulation to Promote a natural Glow

-Promotes Lymphatic Drainage

-Reduces Puffiness and Inflammation

-Helps Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

-Made of Natural Healing Stones

Click here to see Amazon’s Choice


-Blocks and Protects eyes from harmful blue light and UV rays from computer, television and phone screens

-Reduces Eye Strain Fatigue

-Minimizes Digital Headache

-Improves Sleep

-Offered in Various Designs

Click here for one of many designs

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