3 Tips for Planning the New Year

✨Planning for 2019 does not start on January 1st, it starts right NOW✨

Whether it’s health & wellness goals, family goals, professional goals, financial goals or all of the above, we are the creator of our own story. We are responsible for designing the life we desire, therefore we are required to draft the blueprint of the finished product.

And trust me, I’ve struggled with unfinished goals and unmet deadlines in the past previous years because “Life” kinda gets in the way. But I learned that LIFE will always be happening and it’s still up to us to keep getting better in our approaches and in our strategies to doing what we say we’re going to do so that we can experience the art of fulfillment and progress towards self-actualization.

Just sharing 3 helpful TIPS when planning out the New Year that both you and I can use and benefit from 😉:


Being intentional means you have a purpose behind what you do and what you say. You approach life with the intention to make the best of each day with careful, calculated thought and emotion. It means that you make meaningful choices that impact your life and the life of those around you in a positive way. Set your intentions out into the universe when writing down your visions, goals and plans.


Being specific is knowing exactly what and when something will materialize. In other words, setting a specific goal and a specific date. It doesn’t mean you get caught up in the specifics of “how”, but more importantly knowing the specifics of “why”. Let the universe know the specifics of what you will be delivering and it’s specific ETA (estimated time of arrival), while keeping in mind your “why” it must happen. Without the “ WHY”, you’ll never figure out the “HOW.”


Being action-focused means performing the right tasks that are necessary to accomplish and fulfill specific goals. We must apply positive action without focusing on the doubts, the fears and the “what-ifs.” More importantly, positive action leads to confidence. Most of us think we need to have the confidence first before we can take proper action, when in fact we must take action first even when we have zero confidence. We can always make adjustments and course corrections along the way AFTER we’ve already stimulated positive action into the universe.

Now let’s have fun writing a new story. We are the director of our movie and the engineer of our dreams📝📝📝

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