Story behind Self Love Sundays

Before Self Love Sundays, I suffered from a list of some common ailments, conditions, and challenges and I had a bad habit of using these setbacks as excuses for my unhappiness. I would find people or things to blame including myself but I could never understand why I suffered even though I thought I knew how to fix everything. I would catch myself playing the victim and ask, why me? Although from the outside, people tend to think that I had it all together because I seemed to always be so positive and strong but deep inside, I was suffering from my own empty cup and lack of self love.

Well…I’m only human just like all of us. In my 20s and leading into my early 30s, I went through stages of entertaining and staying in the wrong relationships, unfulfilled careers, bad stress management, financial instability, bad habits & addictions, anxiety & depression, lack of confidence, and even my own share of health obstacles including hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, infertility, inconsistent weight management, and the big game changer for me, CANCER!! (I’ll save my cancer story for another post, stay tuned) Looking back, yeah I was a hot mess.

Bottom line is that I had a habit of adding up my failures, insecurities and challenges all together and then take this imperfect and unbalanced life of mine, and let it affect me. I found myself being loyal to and investing a lot of time and energy loving other people, places, and things while most importantly forgetting to love myself first. I even prayed to God everyday asking him to heal me in all the areas I felt like I failed in, but the solution was right there in front of me the entire time.

I began with the intention to detox, cleanse and heal every part of me from the inside out, head to toe, top to bottom, and all around me and all that surrounds me. I wanted to start giving myself the love, time and attention it truly deserves and repair all the times I’ve neglected myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, vocationally and relationally. I was now a PRIORITY & I was WORTHY to be taken care of. Just to clarify, in the past I never completely neglected caring for myself, however the downfall was that I never completely and wholeheartedly made myself a Priority to be able to give myself a fair chance to love myself.

But this time around, I made a promise and commitment to myself that I will do whatever it takes and that this would be a permanent lifestyle change. It feels great to say that and declare that to the world!

I’m not saying I’ve arrived and that I’ve made it. I’m far from perfect and I still make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. But I discovered that by beginning with self love and finally putting myself at the top of my To Do List to start investing in myself again, that it was the first step in curing anything I thought was holding me back. What I am saying is that when we love our selves enough, we produce ourselves to be the best and feel our best. When we feel our best, we do our best. When we do our best, we can give the best version of our self to others.

Fast forward 6 months since I made that commitment, Self Love Sundays was born and now I just want to be able share the realness with everyone and anyone that may in some way relate to anything I’ve struggled with. I’ve always loved sharing my passions and I wanted to create a blog where I can leave my mark and contribution to the world whether I got paid to do it or not. I want to be able to stimulate a self love movement that inspires and encourages others no matter what age, gender, religion, background, race, location, occupation, or stage in life, to dedicate a solid day or even a few hours each week to practice self care and recharge their battery so that they can LIVE their BEST LIFE. My goal is to share and transpire that energy to others through my blog posts about my self love routines and traveling adventures.

So, Are you ready to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE??!! Follow me if you want to be inspired.

With Love,

Aurora Fallon