Why Sundays?

In the past, I use to always dread Sundays because Sundays meant that the fun weekend was coming to an end and Monday was around the corner.

Mondays were the beginning to a long week, people were grumpier, work seemed to be more chaotic than other days of the week, and for some reason coffee was never strong enough to help us recover from the weekend that we miss so much already.

But it was time to change that and I was ready for a mind shift…

Ever since starting my Self Love journey, I personally scheduled my Self Care routines on Sundays because it was the day I wanted to recharge my battery for the upcoming week. I wanted to be prepared to start my Mondays with a bang feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and re-inspired to make it a great, productive week. Now, I actually look forward to Sundays instead of dreading them! I’m more excited and I can’t wait to implement new ideas, try new products, enhance my routine or add something different to my routine.

An ideal Sunday for me included spending time with God, followed by spending time outdoors whether it’s for a walk or a hike with my dogs, then investing quality time with loved ones, and lastly making sure to spend time alone at home doing the Self Love Seven Routine at the bare minimum šŸ™‚

For everyone else on their Self Love journey, it doesn’t have to be on Sundays. It can be any day of the week that works for you and your schedule. Just find a day before your “Monday start of the week” to dedicate just for YOU.

Lastly, remember to keep in mind that Self Love Sundays was not meant to be strictly set to one day of the week. The more we can create the habit of taking care of ourselves, the more Self Love will become an all around lifestyle we can learn to appreciate and fall in love with. The more we will start to reap the rewards of happiness and fulfillment because we are now a priority on our own schedule. Without even realizing it, you will soon notice that you’re living your best life because you will be living your best self!